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A Splash of color

Color highlights give a rich dimensional look to hair that makes it so much more interesting. If you look at celebrity photographs, they almost ALL have highlights in their hair. It makes their natural color look better and richer.

Color highlights are very popular, and we love keeping up on new color trends. We have amazing new colors that all our stylists use with great results.

What are Highlights?

Wow. Ok first of all highlights is coloring some of the hair strands lighter than the natural or all over color to add the illusion of sheen and depth.

They do not generally contrast strongly with the natural or all over color of the hair, so there are ways that we achieve this "special effect". One way is WEAVING, one is SLICING and another is BALAYAGE or free form.

The technique/terminology most commonly used in salons is WEAVING. So when you go to have your hair done say that you want a WEAVE. That should lead our stylist to ask you "how much of a weave do you want?" Then you can discuss how much of your head you want covered. Face frame only, partial-weave, partial/partial weave, or full weave.

You can also ask for LOW-LIGHTS which would be alternating in a darker color so that you get a lot of depth to your color. As for fashion, it depends on you. Do you like the big chunky high contrast look, or a classic blended natural look. You face shape makes no difference in this process, that is in the realm of the CUT.